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A Little Help

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In life we have to make decisions on a daily basis, some of which will drastically alter our lives. Generally we tend to take the safer of two options and stick to the outcome that is most comfortable to us. Afterwards we'll sometimes ask ourselves, what would have happened if I had chosen differently? Did I miss out on a fantastic opportunity? Or did I protect myself from harm?


Tom is no different. He's an ordinary man, with an ordinary life. One day, however, he sees a mother of two young children standing in front him in the supermarket at the checkout. She seems desperate as her bank card isn't accepted by the machine and by the look of things this isn't the first time that has happened to her either.


Like everybody, Tom is now faced with two options; taking the safe route and ignore what's happening, after which he can continue with his usual life, or take a risk and pay for the groceries. Sometimes it's the small decisions that turn out to make the biggest changes in our lives and unknown to Tom, the decision he is about to make will change his life forever.


He chooses to help her and in turn this single act of kindness is the start of a new life for him. However, the real question is, will he keep making the right decisions? Or will he lose everything dear to him?


General information

Fiction >> Romance >> Contemporary

Fiction >> Romance >> Erotic

Published: Aug. 05, 2012

Words: 82,762 (approximate)

Language: American English

ISBN: 9781476129297

ASIN: B009D21WF8



romance, love, drama, adult, humor, family, sex, contemporary, mf, explicit erotica, 18+



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What The Author Has To Say

A Little Help is about making choices and taking chances. Sometimes giving a little help to somebody else can result in gaining huge benefits later, however, you won't know if your help paid off for quite some time since the effects are usually not immediately visible. In fact, sometimes you'll never learn if your decisions had any consequences.


Everybody makes countless decisions every day, some small, some big. With some decisions you also take a risk while others offer new opportunities. Being able to consciously think about our decisions and their consequences is a core part of being human. A Little Help explores the consequences of a small decision, and how the choices the main character makes effect his future.


The inspiration for writing this novel originally came from a combination of a dream and a short story I read about ten years earlier. The dream in combination with that story got me to think about my own life, and when I sat down to write this story it quickly became so much more. I planned to write a short story of maybe four chapters, but instead I ended up writing seventeen chapters in less than two weeks!


The draft version of the story was very well received and even went viral on the website I uploaded it on, where it had 44k downloads in less than three weeks and scored an average 7,5 out of 10 with more than 1,000 votes. I was blown away with those statistics and all the reactions I received from all over the world. That in turn gave me the confidence to improve this story and publish it as a real novel.


The primary readers of this novel are pretty much all people who enjoy reading a romantic feel good story. Next to romance there is also drama, several erotic scenes, and humor in this book, and the story has a bit 'coming of age' to it as well, since the main character learns a lot about himself and life in general.


The title was actually very easy to pick. Sometimes I don't know what title I should give to a story until it's finished, but with this book 'A Little Help' came very natural, since the story is about giving a little help to those less fortunate without expecting anything in return. Especially in times of a worldwide crisis we could use more of such generosity.


Since this is my first novel I tried to do everything myself at first, including making a cover. The original cover featured a couple walking hand-in-hand through a forest, however, the quality of this cover wasn't as good as I liked it to be. When Smashwords changed their cover policies and required covers of a larger size I decided to hire the talented Miss Mae to help me with designing a new cover. I think she really did a wonderful job at it. I really wanted the cover to show the happiness of the two main characters and I think she did a great job on that. As far as the island on the cover goes... You'll have to read the novel for that since that would involve giving away a spoiler.


The hardest part of writing the novel were probably some of emotional scenes. The start of the book is a bit more emotionless, but as the main character grows the emotions in the book also grow with him. When I was about halfway I wasn't writing the story anymore, but living the story. I could see it all unfold before me and it felt as if I was the main character, rather than writing about him. I never had such an experience before when writing a story, but I can't wait to have one like that again!


Most of the research I did for the novel involved some of the specific details like locations that I wasn't very familiar with, however, overall I didn't do as much research for this novel as I did for other stories. The novel plays in The Netherlands and since I live there I'm very familiar with how things work here. I did my best to write the story in such a way that it could play anywhere though, and judging by the reactions of my readers I succeeded at that.


Funny as it is, the novel taught me a thing or two about life taking chances as well. Ever since I wrote the novel I decided to take more risks myself, and although it sometimes caused pain, it also gave me several nice memories as a result. I think I'll definitely continue living life like that, life is simply too short to lock yourself away in a room and only focus on writing. The real stories are out there, in the wide world, rather than in my mind.


I hope that everybody who buys this novel has as much fun reading it as I had writing it. I received a lot of positive reactions already, but I'm always eager to hear what you think of it!



Review by: FrNat on Sep. 02, 2012 :

I've read this several times now. If you have a heart you may well find yourself in this story. Life has many paths, some involve pitfalls from which we do not have the strength to pull ourselves to happiness . How would you rescue yourself from a sorrowful dark pit you created? Can you freely admit that you were wholly and selfishly responsible for almost destroying someone? We'd like to think so but few of us have the ability to relinquish our pride so we continue life, looking over our shoulder in constant, "Should have, Could have, Would have." regret.


Real life in real words from an author that is still honing his skills. Nothing phony here.

(reviewed within a month of purchase)


Review by: Marianne Ooms on Aug. 22, 2012 :

This is a wonderful story about a man who develops from narrow sterile life into one that finds love, happiness and discovers what's truly important in life. The story had a few rough edges, but it's well worth the read. The characters are realistic and have their flaws, which makes them interesting and come alive. Though the setting is in the Netherlands, it's a story that could have happened anywhere and is very recognizable.


If you enjoy reading a romantic 'feel good' story then I can definitely recommend this one!

(reviewed within a week of purchase)


Review by: Michael Stiles on Aug. 22, 2012 :

An excellent and touching story about recognizing what is important in life. If you like a Knight in Shining Armor story this is for you. While he isn't always perfect (who is?) he learns quickly! Life is about surprises and choices and there are plenty to keep your interest from cover to cover.

(reviewed within a month of purchase)


Review by: Gordon Shannon on Aug. 08, 2012 :

I have removed my first review only because I needed to Post a Rating which I have now done.

What I originally said this story is as described in the presentation and it has no Gore,Blood,Guts and Violence so often seen today so if that's what you want, look elsewhere !!

It may be considered 'Soft' in its handling of the physical relationship between the characters but that's in keeping with the demeanor of the story line.

I found it entertaining and enjoyed it and I hope others do too.

(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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