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My Favorite Websites

My Blog - On my blog I write about what's keeping me busy, fun writing tips, updates about my novels , and more.

Smashwords - Smashwords is an amazing site for indie authors like me. They feature a lot of short stories, but you can also find great novels there, including free stories of all sizes.

Goodreads - Goodreads is a community by and for book lovers. It's a great way to find new novels and get in contact with fellow readers.

Booktalk - Booktalk is another community by and for readers. They have a lot of lively discussions going on there.

Wattpad - Wattpad is an amazing community with lots of free stories that cover pretty much every genre.

Nothing Binding - NB is a professional website where you can read a lot of free novels, as long as you're willing to write a review afterwards.

Scribd - Scribd is a lot like Wattpad and also has a lot of free stories available. The community there is very active and engaging. I can recommend giving them a visit.


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