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Jasper Storm

Jasper Storm was born in 1982 and grew up in a small town in the east of The Netherlands. In everyday life he is a software tester, but he aspires to become a full-time author someday. Before he became a software tester he studied to become an accountant, while he programmed and published a MORPG on the side as a hobby.

He has a wide interest in many subjects, which reflects in his writing and genres. Most notably he loves to read and watch movies, but he also likes reading scientific articles and informative programs on Discovery Channel.



He has a loyal minion in the form of a cat, who loves to distract him at the most inconvenient times, but looks adorably cute while doing so.

What Inspires Me to Write

My writing is inspired by every day life. A homeless woman with shabby hair and unkempt clothes on the streets, an overweight but well-dressed businessman driving the latest BMW model, what are the stories behind their lives? A casual glance at them will often give you a stereotypical insight, however, when you look deeper you might notice the woman's lips curling up in a smile, or the forlorn look in the businessman's face. What is the homeless woman happy about? And did the businessman loose his daughter for him to look so distraught? Everybody has a story to tell, and I'm interested in learning the story behind the faces we see.


Another huge source of inspiration for me is science and technology, what makes us who we are, how will we continue to evolve? They are just two of the many questions I often ask myself, and which I try to find answers to in my novels.


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